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february wrap up + favorites

Hey there!

Somehow it’s already March, and although I love it because it’s my birthday month, I’m also left wondering where time has gone.

February went by in a blur and work kept me very busy, but I still managed to have such a good month, both in general life-related things as well as where reading is concerned.

On that note, here’s my wrap up:


 24473763 Eidolon (Wraith Kings, #2) by Grace Draven Rhapsodic (The Bargainer, #1) by Laura Thalassa  Caraval (Caraval, #1) by Stephanie Garber Blood & Honey (Serpent & Dove, #2) by Shelby Mahurin

1.RADIANCE by Grace Draven (★★★★☆)

2.EIDOLON Grace Draven (★★★☆☆)

3.RHAPSODIC by Laura Thalassa (★★★★☆)

4.THE HISTORY OF CLASSICAL MUSIC by Richard Fawkes (★★★☆☆)

5.CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber (★★★☆☆)

6.BLOOD & HONEY by Shelby Mahurin (★★★☆☆)

D.N.F.: A WHISPER IN THE DARK by Jessi Elliott & K.J. Sutton


  • I read a total of 1 983 pages
  • My average rating was 3.3 stars
  • My average pages per day: 70.8
  • D.N.F.s: 1
  • Formats:
    • Audiobooks: 1
    • E-books: 5
    • Physical: 1
  • Languages:
    • English: 7 books

On the blog:


Life Updates:

Cat kitty piano GIF - Find on GIFER
  • I practiced piano every day of the month and I’m so proud of myself. Slowly but surely, I can feel myself improving and it’s so rewarding & exciting! I can already play ~ easy ~ versions of champagne problems + willow + sign of the times. Considering I’m self-taught, I’m very impressed with myself.
  • I’ve been journaling more often, which was a goal of mine for this year, and it’s great. I consistently feel so much better after journaling, and getting a cute notebook definitely helps me feel more motivated to use it.
  • My yoga practice is a big thing for me, and despite not doing it as often last year, I’ve picked it up again and have been sticking to it daily. After seeing Jessica recommend it, I started following Jessica Richburg‘s videos and she’s now one of my go-to instructors. Her practices are so calming, easy to follow while also being challenging. Definitely recommend you check her channel out.
Marvel Studios Wandavision GIF - MarvelStudios Wandavision DisneyPlus -  Discover & Share GIFs
  • Just like the rest of the internet, I’ve been losing my mind with Wandavision every week and it’s been great. I’ve missed the MCU and this show is just as good, if not better than the movies. I just want Wanda & Vision to be happy and together. Is that too much to ask? (Apparently, yes).

That’s it! This was a long one, so thank you if you’ve stuck around until the end. Here, have a cookie as a small token of my appreciation 🍪

What’s the best book you’ve read in February? And what made you happy last month?

Until next time,

8 thoughts on “february wrap up + favorites

  1. ahh i‘m so glad you enjoyed both radiance and rhapsodic!!🤍 i‘ll have to check out jessica‘s videos because i‘m basically only watching yoga with adriene LOL so i can‘t wait to see how i like her‘s! and thank you so much for featuring me ah🥺


  2. i’m so glad you’ve had a good month overall! the piano practice sounds awesome, love that you can play all those songs WOWssdskf I’ve been wanting to journal more often but I always get interrupted so I’m thinking I should set a time for journaling:OO alsoooooo omg thank you for featuring me lololol


  3. ee i love these posts of yours so much! I live for any type of wrap up. So happy you had a great month juli 🥺 thank you so much for the post mention ah that made my day 🖤 i have been using my journals religiously as well and it’s so therapeutic???


  4. That’s amazing that you are teaching yourself to play the piano!! Omg, I wanna learn to play champagne problems too 😀 And I do yoga everyday too, and it really makes a difference in your life. I feel so much more relaxed, and I don’t get stress pain anymore in my shoulders! Wandavison is also, like, addicting? It gives me anxiety every episode because I just want Wanda and Vision to be happy but like, Marvel is like no? Lol 😀


  5. this was such a cute wrap up!!!!!! im glad you stayed consistent with piano its so hard to be consistent w anything these days 😭 and ooo thanks for linking the yoga vids u use!! ive been meaning to get i to it for a while bc i’m literally a log at this point ANYWAYS LOVED READING THIS


  6. I am SUPER LATE with my blog hopping (so sorry 🙈) but I am so glad you like Jessica Richburg’s videos! She is so calming! I’ve been journaling really consistently too & my mind definitely feels so much clearer!


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