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October wrap up + favorites

Due to the lack of activity here on the blog (as well as on my other social media), it’s no surprise when I tell you that October was crazy busy. I had so little free time that I barely even got any reading done.

  • Read


  1. The Land I Lost by Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan (5 stars)
  2. In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It by Lauren Graham (3 stars)
  3. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur (3 stars)
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  • Haul

IMG_5694Even though I have no more room on my shelves, I ended up getting 7 new books this month. I wasn’t supposed to get anything new until Christmas, but oh well. There was a sale and I’ve been wanting these books for a while now so I treated myself. Also, I’m kinda proud of myself for only getting 7 books – there was a book fair and so many amazing books I could have bought! But I only got books that I had been wanting to read for some time now, so there’s something, right?


  • Favorites

kalyn nicholsonKalyn’s YouTober: It’s always a joy when October comes and Kalyn starts posting new videos every day for a month. I love her content, she’s so creative and inspiring. Her videos helped me cope with bad days and carried me throughout this super busy month. Now that it’s over, I’ll definitely miss watching a new video every day. However, I do recognize that it was a lot of work so I hope she enjoys her very well-deserved break. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching her videos

katytasticKatytastic’s writing vlogs: When I first started following Kat online, it was because of her writing videos, especially regarding NaNoWriMo. She hadn’t uploaded a writing video in a while, so I was pleasantly surprised when in October she started posting writing vlogs every week. I love her writing videos and watching her progress and process made me want to get back into writing. In fact, even though I had given up on participating in NaNo this year, I think I just might do it.

inktoberInktober: Even though I’m not very talented at arts & crafts, I love watching people create art and seeing the final results. This year I was following a bunch of amazing artists who were participating in Inktober, a monthly challenge to make a new piece every day for the month of October using just ink. It was amazing seeing my instagram feed filled with lovely and spooky art, and now I want to learn how to draw and paint. I also want to buy all the art I see!

IMG_5695TURTLES!: I have 2 new babies! Michelangelo and Donatello are lovely and adorable and they’ve been making me so happy! I got Michelangelo first as a gift from my sister (who is a vet student band didn’t have much time to properly take care of him), and within a couple of days, I got Donatello to keep him company in their new, adorable tank. I love watching them swim and take their sunbaths every day. Also, feeding them is so fun! I never had a reptile as a pet before but so far I’m loving it.

That’s it for my October wrap up. We’re on the final countdown for 2018 now, isn’t that crazy?

Until next time,


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