the great silmarillion read-a-long + journal spread

Hey there!

Since I’ve been using my reading journal more often lately, today I wanted to share with you my spread for the great Silmarillion read-a-long, hosted by the lovely Mary.

I’ve loved Middle-Earth ever since I was a child and watched the movies for the first time, but actually picking up Tolkien’s books always felt so intimidating. That is, until I read Mary’s posts about Tolkien’s work and how passionate she is about it. All of the artwork and gifs also helped.

So I picked up The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy last year, and it was no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed them. I still needed a bit of a push to read the Silmarillion though (it covers so much!), and that’s when I stumbled upon Mary’s read-a-long post.

It’s going very slowly for me, but I have no complaints. It has so much information, and it’s all so complex and interesting. I can’t wait to curl up with it again every time I have to put it down.

Now, without further ado, here’s my read-a-long spread:

I loved how it turned out and it makes me want to read 10x more. Also, bless Pinterest for all the amazing images.

Have you read the Silmarillion before? What’s your favorite story?

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “the great silmarillion read-a-long + journal spread

  1. Glad that you’re enjoying the book, Juli. I’m always really intimidated by epic fantasy novels, so I admire that you’re giving this a go 🙂 Love the journal spread as always!


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