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the nanowrimo 20 questions tag

Hey there!

After seeing this tag on Sophie’s blog a while back, I’ve been saving it until it was closer to NaNoWriMo so I could do it as well. It’s her own original tag, so be sure to check out her answers as well!


  1. Thank the awesome blogger who tagged you!
  2. Link back to the creator of this tag, Sophie @ Sophie’s Corner. (I want to hear about your NaNo novels!!)
  3. Feel free to use the NaNoWriMo 20 Questions Tag graphics!
  4. Answer the questions.
  5. Tag some friends who are also doing NaNo this year.
  6. And have fun!!!

Tell me about your NaNoWriMo project this year! Give me a blurb!

I usually only have a proper blurb once I start writing my novel, but so far what I can give you is: a fantasy novel about a reluctant sailor, a mermaid, and a scheming pirate. Their paths cross, and chaos ensues when they find themselves stuck together in a royal navy ship.

What’s the genre?

It’s a fantasy novel! Considering the age of the main characters (they are all in their early twenties), I’d say it’s also New Adult.

Describe your MC in three words.

Curious, soft, hard-working.

Without spoilers, describe your villain in three words.

Ambicious, reckless, meticulous.

What is your goal? (the traditional 50K? 20K? 5K? or……. 100K?)

For November I’ll be aiming for the usual 50k, but if the story needs more space to grow I’ll just keep writing it until it’s done.

Is this your first draft? Second? Third?

First draft! I have exactly zero words of this project written down as of right now.

Are you starting a new project (or draft), or continuing an existing one?

It’s a brand new project! I did start planning it already but as I said before, no words of the actual story have been written yet. All the magic is (hopefully) going to happen during November.

What is your favourite time to write in the day?

I usually love writing at night, but I think this year I might actually try to get some words down during the early morning hours as well.

Where are you going to write?

Considering we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I hope everyone’s answer to this is at home. For me, it’s specifically at my desk.

Computer or paper?

Computer for sure! I don’t think my hand could take writing 50k words in so little time. I do wish I could handwrite the whole thing though, it looks so nice when I see people doing it.

NaNoWriMo is a huge commitment!! How are you going to make time to write?

To be honest, considering I’m stuck at home, I don’t have much else going on anyway. To keep me from procrastinating, I’m getting my sister to be my accountability buddy.

Are you going to participate in local or online NaNoWriMo events? (e.g. kick-off parties in your city, write-ins, virtual writing sprints…)

This year there won’t be any offline events, but I definitely plan on participating in virtual events and writing sprints. They always make me so motivated to write!

Do you write from beginning to end or skip around?

I know a lot of people swear by the skiping around method, but I couldn’t do it. My characters, and the story itself, grows so much while I write that I feel like it would be an incongrous mess if I didn’t do it in a linear way.

Planner or pantser? (or plantser?)

A planner for sure! I’m a hardcore fan of planning my novels and love to have everything already figured out before I start writing. In fact, I think planing a new project just might be my favorite part of the process.

What will be your go-to NaNoWriMo snack?

Usually, trail mix and lots of nuts (cashews are my favorites). Maybe I’ll try to keep it fresh with some fruit as well. And also popcorn? The options are endless.

Choice of caffeine? (or no caffeine?)

I try to only drink caffeine before noon (my sleep schedule is already too messed up as is), so a caramel macchiato in the morning, and warm tea in the afternoon and at night.

Any rewards for milestone achievements? For finishing NaNoWriMo?

I haven’t thought of anything yet, but I probably should. I’m open to suggestions!

Share a tip for other NaNo-ers!

Don’t stress if you fall behind during the month! It’s completely normal, and you absolutely can catch up later on. Just keep writing.

How are you feeling about NaNoWriMo? (Excited?! Nervous!? Terrified?!)

I’m so excited to finally start drafting this project! It feels like I’ve been planning it for forever and I can’t wait to finally start writing it. Also a bit nervous, because NaNo is such an intimidating challenge, but mostly excited.

Share an aesthetic for your NaNoWriMo novel!

I have done so before in a recent post, where I also talk a bit more about NaNo, but I’ll share it again because I really like it. Also, if you’re curious, here’s my project’s pinterest board.

That’s it for today’s post! I’m tagging Jay Lynn because I know for sure that she’s also participating in NaNo this year, but if you’d like to to do this as well, please consider yourself tagged! And don’t forget to link it back to me so I can go check out your answers.

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “the nanowrimo 20 questions tag

  1. Hey Juli! Wow your story sounds so interesting and that is great that you are so excited to start writing it 😀 My current WIP is also a fantasy and can fall into the New Adult category as well. NaNo is going to be here so soon ahhhhh!! Also side note, I LOVE CASHEWS TOO lol. They are so delicious. Thanks for tagging me and sending you all the best!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy to know your w.i.p. is also NA, I feel like we barely get protagonists in that age range and it’s such a shame. Cashews are the best snacks for sure! Can’t wait to see your answers 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Juli! I’m so happy to see your answers for this tag! I guess the silver lining of this pandemic is that we might have more time at home to write? 😆 I also like to write from beginning to end rather than skipping around for the same reason as you—my characters and plot evolve so much along the way!
    Great post and happy writing!


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