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on why you shouldn’t feel guilty for rereading

Hey there!

A while back, Rhi shared a post where she talked about why she started feeling guilty for rereading books. It left me thinking, and today I’m sharing my own opinion on the matter.

First of, I’d like to start by saying that I don’t usually reread much, and when I do it’s old childhood favorites. Sometimes I do come across a book that completely blows me away and makes me want to reread it sometime in the future. In those cases, I write them down into a list I have going on of books I want to read again. It’s not a very long list, but it’s there for me when the mood strikes. For example, most recently The Starless Sea made it into that list and I honestly can’t wait to eventually pick it up again.

But I’m all for people rereading their favorites all the time if they feel like it! I mean, what’s even the point of getting a book if you’re just going to read it once and then never pick it up again? Wouldn’t it be better to just use the library then, instead of the bookshop?

I understand why people feel guilty about rereading though. As much as I love this community, there is this unspoken race to see who can read more, and rereads are not supposed to count. I mean, to this day I don’t think Goodreads counts rereads towards your reading goal.

Honestly, that’s ridiculous. You should read what makes you happy, as many times as you want to. If you want to take your time, annotate your favorite book, tab it all over again, then you do you. Reading is reading is reading, no matter the format or if it’s not a new book to you.

New books are beautiful, but there’s nothing better than the look of a well-loved book sitting on a shelf.

How do you feel about rereads? Do you do it often?

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “on why you shouldn’t feel guilty for rereading

  1. I’ve never felt guilty about rereads, but I never thought that people felt that way so this post is interesting! I don’t re-read often but when I do I still count it towards my goodreads goal. You said goodreads doesnt let you add rereads but I’ve done it before? That’s weird. Anyways, I love re-reading books you find so much more details the second time around, it’s just so fun! But ya, this was a lovely post I had no idea this was a concern!

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    1. Exactly! When you already know the story you can find so many things you missed the first time and pay more attention to the details. Yeah, apparently Goodreads has been counting rereads for a while now and I had no idea 🙈 although I still don’t know if it’s just on the website or if you can also do it through the app 🤔

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  2. I love rereading books! I also used to think it didn’t count but I’ve reread a lot this because honestly I don’t care what others think anymore! I also don’t care about the quantity, I think that’s super important to consider if someone wants to get rid of the “pressure” from the book community. (Alsoooo goodreads counts rereads now!! it’s been a few years I think 👀)

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