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top 7: comfort reads

Hey there!

As we get closer and closer to the holiday season, all I want to do is cozy up with a comforting book and a warm drink. That got me thinking, what are my favorite comfort reads? After pondering this for a while, I came up with the following list.



Every Rick Riordan book has my favorite things: mythology, sassy banter, funny scenes that make me laugh out loud, a lot of action & adventure and great friendships. Meaning, I’ll pick them up whenever I need a comfort read to get me out of a slump a just a fool mood. Percy as a character is hilarious, and I feel like we grew up together. I read The Lightning Thief in middle school and kept on reading the series as they came out. We’ve been through a lot together, and those memories are so precious to me.


I’ll remain invested in the shadowhunters’ world and keep on reading everything Cassandra Clare writes until I’m 60 years old and I’m ok with that. I started TMI when I was young, and to this day I’m still super invested in the characters and the fictional universe. TID is my favorite shadowhunters trilogy, and the one I’ve reread the most, because the characters are fantastic and their dialogue is amazing and everything is just so cozy. Yes, there’s some murder involved, but have I mentioned all the funny banter?


My favorite classic, and one I’ve been reading and rereading for years. It never fails to make me smile. The story and the characters feel like old friends, an idea reinforced by the fact that my copy is over 10 years old and shows all the signs of a well-loved and very-well-read book. In fact, this was the first classic book I ever read for fun (and not obligated to) and upon finishing it, immediately wanted to start it again. My love for it runs so deep that I also got my little sister hooked, and now she watches the 2005 movie at least once a month. Usually with me.


The book that got me into reading for real. Even though I don’t reread it much (unless you count Midnight Sun, which I read this year), every time I see it on my shelf it reminds me of being in middle school and discovering the magic of fictional worlds for the first time. No matter what, this book will always make me feel better, even if I can’t read it anymore (it just gets more and more frustrating and I don’t want to ruin my fond memories associated with it).


Everything about this book was made specifically for me: beautiful writing, atmospheric read, unique and complex characters, found family, sentient trees, magical and a bit creepy, has some dark academia vibes. I could go on. I want to feel better, like there’s still magic in the world, after watching the news? Pick this book up. Want an atmospheric read for a gloomy afternoon? This book is the way to go. Need a reminder on how to write great friendships? Gangsey is the answer. Honestly, I could only reread this series for the rest of my life and be absolutely happy about it.


This is not a comfortable read. In fact, it actually triggers my anxiety and leaves me a wreck. But still, there’s something so comforting in being seen and so completely understood. As someone who struggles with anxiety and OCD, this book means so much to me. I was never able to fully put into words what it felt like to struggle with my mental health and I felt so alone in that, until I read this book and found exactly what I was feeling written down in the pages. It’s definitely not for everyone, but it’ll always make me feel better by knowing that I’m not alone.


This was the first book I stayed up all night reading. It was such a magical experience: I was so engrossed in the story that I didn’t notice the sun rising until I finished the book, crying silently as to not wake my parents up, and realized I only had around 20 minutes to sleep before I needed to get up to go to school. To this day, it’s so difficult to find a book that makes me feel this way.

There you have, the books that make me feel all soft inside. They are mostly old favorites and have a lot of good memories associated with them, but that just makes them even more special to me.

What are some of your comfort reads?

Until next time,

2 thoughts on “top 7: comfort reads

  1. Even though there are so many issues with Twilight, I still hold its world so close to my heart. That little rainy town gives me so much comfort still! Also agree with you on Pride and Prejudice. Whenever I’m in a weird mood, the 2005 movie makes me feel soooo much better!

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