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My thoughts on the new WordPress editor

Hey there! 

Sorry for the inconsistency with posting, I’m trying to get back into the flow of things but life has been a bit crazy lately. It also doesn’t help that using the new WordPress editor is the only way to write blog posts now. 

Let me tell you, right of the bat, I don’t like it. It feels messy and unorganized. Some of the functions I like to use, like justify the text, aren’t there and I keep having to fix things using html. 

Maybe I feel this way because it’s new and I’m still not used to it, so I’m willing to give it some more time, but because of it I now take twice as long to format a post. 

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Also, I still don’t get why they changed it??The old one was working perfectly and I never had an issue with it. Does anyone know why WordPress made this decision? Is there even a reason?

This is clearly a rant, and I’m sorry for this random topic but I needed to take this of my chest and maybe hear what the rest of the community thinks about this. I haven’t seen anyone complaining yet, but I’m not sure if it’s because people actually like the new editor or just because I still need to catch up with my reader page. 

Please let me know how you feel about the new editor! Also, if you have any tips on how to navigate it better, I’d love to hear them as well.

Until next time, 


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