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Top 7: favorite booktubers (part II)

Hey there!

This year, because I’ve been home all the time, I’ve found myself watching a lot of booktube videos. In April, I posted about my favorite booktubers at the time, but since I’ve found some new ones that I’ve also been loving, I thought I’d write a second part to that post.

Here are some of my current favorite booktubers:

1.Morgan Long

2. yasmin the reader

3. Kalyn Abridged

4. Brittany the Bibliophile

5. boston reads books

6. abigail’s cup of tea

7. Sabine’s Book Nook

Now I’ve got a few extra recommendations for you! These channels bellow are from friends who are making wonderful content that you should definitely check out! They are all smaller booktubers, so please go give them some love 💖


That’s it for today’s post. Honestly, I’ve been watching so much youtube lately, it’s crazy. But it always makes me happy and motivated to get more reading done, so that’s ok.

Who are some of your favorite booktubers? Leave me some recommendations bellow!

Until next time,


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