My Thoughts: ebooks are amazing and here’s why

Last month, I was super lucky and got to spend a week with my family in Costa Rica. Being who I am, of course I packed a book in my carry on. And it was no small book either – Serpent & Dove sits around 500 pages. Considering I would be going hiking, on boat trips and overall just exploring the country, it seemed likely that I would be ok with just that book. Not that I had any more space in my bag to bring another one with me. 

So to the airport I went, with my one big book. But as it turned out, it was amazing and I couldn’t stop reading. I was done with it in 3 days and had nothing else to read in the meantime. If you’ve been here a while, then you know one of my yearly resolutions was to read every single day. So what could I do? Luckily for me, I always pack my ereader whenever I travel. 

This is what that gigantic introduction was for: EBOOKS/EREADERS ARE AMAZING! AND THEY DON’T GET ENOUGH RECOGNITION FOR IT!

I feel like nowadays, everyone’s talking about audiobooks and with good reason. They really are convenient and all, but I’d like to take a moment to praise ereaders as well:

  • They are super portable! And by that I mean that they are tiny and won’t take much space at all, and won’t weigh your bag down either. 
  • All the memory! You can keep hundreds, if not thousands of books inside your e-reader. Some models (like mine) even have slots for expanding their memory capacity.
  • Never-dying battery! Of course, it depends on the model, but usually ereaders batteries tend to last a very long time. I mean, I barely even charge mine once a month. It’s crazy.
  • No eye-damaging light! Again, this also depends on the model, but if you have a device made specifically for reading, then it won’t have blue light and you can read all night long without feeling guilty about it.
  • More affordable books! Most times, buying an ebook is cheaper than buying a physical copy. It also means no waiting/delivery time because you can just download it immediately. 
  • They are super cute! I really like how most ereaders look, all tiny and monochromatic, with few-to-no buttons. You can also personalize your model, getting it a cute case or even putting some stickers on it. 

Despite having an iPad, when it comes to reading I still prefer my ereader. The most popular model is by far Amazon’s kindle, but I’ve had a Barnes & Noble’s nook for years and I still love it to pieces. It’s never let me down, despite accompanying me in multiple adventures. In fact, it’s so nice and I rave so much about it, that I got my sister and a friend to buy one for themselves as well. 

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Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing in the world like holding a physical copy of a beloved book in your hands, or even listening to someone reading a story for you while you commute, but I still think ereaders are super convenient and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Do you have a prefered format for reading? Which one do you like best: physical copies, ebooks or audiobooks?

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “My Thoughts: ebooks are amazing and here’s why

  1. eReaders are super convenient for travelling! I may not be able to bring a whole bookshelf with me, but at least I have a portable device that can hold the equivalent of many, many bookshelves.

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  2. For the most part I prefer physical copies of books, but e-books definitely have a special place in my heart. I used to have an e-reader, but at this point I only use the Kindle app on my phone. I’d like to get a new Kindle though because I find I get easily distracted when I read on my phone. But still, the convenience of having a book with me everywhere I go, since I always have my phone on me, is amazing!

    I mostly take advantage of my e-reader while I’m commuting. On vacations I usually only read before bed, which means I read physical books. I tend to over-pack when I go places and that extends to the amount of physical books I bring with me!

    One of the things I like best about e-books is that when I find a book I’m interested in, I can instantly start reading it without having to go out and buy a copy, or wait for my hold to come in at the library! It ensures that I read books while I’m still in the mood for them, which is very important to me as an mood reader! So while e-books may not be my preferred reading format, I’m still super grateful that I have that option whenever I need it!

    Great post!

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    1. Thank you! I loved reading your thoughts on this 😊 I agree, ebooks are not my favorite reading format but they are so convenient that I can’t help but be super grateful that they exist


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