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Top 7 books I’ve read this year

The year is almost over and because of classes and work I wasn’t able to read as much as I intended (or wanted) to. I still hope I’ll get to lots of books during my December break, but I already stumbled upon some truly amazing books in 2019 and I wanted to share them with you:

1. Crooked Kingdom

crooked kingdom

The Six of Crows duology is fantastic, but Crooked Kingdom is definitely my favorite of the two. Amazing world-building, super complex and interesting characters and an action-packed and fast-paced plot. It broke my heart and put it back together. How could I not fall in love with it? Leigh Bardugo is one of my favorite writers and even if it takes me a while, I’ll read everything she writes. Also, a tv show is being developed by Netflix and I cannot wait!

2. Vicious


I’ve loved V.E. Schwab despite never reading one of her books until this year. I follow her on twitter and she’s marvellous. I knew I would love her work as well, so after years of having her books on my shelves, I finally picked up Vicious and I loved it! Amazing characters and such an interesting plot. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Also, her writing is superb 👌

3. Queen of Air and Darkness

queen of air and darkness

I was afraid of starting this book: it’s massive and I knew it would have so much pain and misery. Also, since it’s the last one in a trilogy, I would have to say goodbye to characters I came to love. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it. Yes, there’s heartbreak, but there were also heartfelt moments and I’m so happy I got to go on this crazy journey with these wonderful characters. You can check out my review of this book here

4. The Night Circus

the night circus

I’ve been hearing people gush about this book for years and I finally gave it a shot. They were all absolutely right, this book is amazing! The best thing is definitely how atmospheric it is: I could feel myself being transported to inside the novel, almost touch and taste what was being described. The writing felt so magical. A very cosy read for gloomy afternoons. 

5. Norse Mythology


I’ve loved mythology since I was little. Greek is my favorite, but I like reading about as many as I can. However, I didn’t know all that much about norse myths before this book. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this audiobook: Neil Gaiman is not only a great author but also a fantastic narrator. This collection of stories about the norse gods was amazing and I’ve already convinced my sister to read it as well. 

6. Wayward Son

wayward son

One of my most anticipated releases, this book was as fluffy and cosy as the first one. I love these characters and was happy to accompany them on another adventure, even if I was a little disappointed by the plot and some characters’ development (or lack thereof). You can check out my review here for some more thoughts about this book. Regardless, I’m excitedly anticipating the next book. 

7. The Bullet Journal Method

the bujo method

A non-fiction book! I know, shocking. However, I tried to branch out my reading this year and ended up reading quite a few non-fiction books. This one I found particularly interesting: I love bullet journaling and have been doing it for years. This book has some very interesting insights into the creation of this method and it gave me some new ideas for how to tackle my goals. If you’re into bullet journaling or are considering starting one, I’d definitely recommend you read this.

This post turned out much longer than anticipated so I’ll leave it here 🙈 I hope I can read a few more books before the year is over, but I can already say that even though I didn’t read much this year, I read some really amazing books.

Until next time, 


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