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The Fall Bucket List Book Tag

Despite being smack in the middle of spring, I’ve decided to do a fall tag. I missed tags, they are always so much fun and this one was created by one of my favorite bloggers. Be sure to check out the original post by Tiffany (all graphics are hers). And now let’s get straight into it. 

the fall tag1There’s nothing more lovable than a romance that takes place in a Con. Geekerella is just that and it’s so much fun! I love fandom culture so this book was a treat to read, especially with all the pop culture references. Also, a quick read and lots of cute relationships. 

the fall tag2

Right now everybody seems to be talking about Ninth House. Honestly, I can’t blame them. It has a gorgeous cover, it’s by one of my favorite authors and it sounds like the perfect spooky read for october. I can’t wait to pick it up.

the fall tag3Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda has the cutest friendships. It’s such a fun book, with lovable characters and such a beautiful message. I also like how the friendships are real, they can argue but always know that they’ll be there for one another. 

the fall tag4With unique characters, unbeatable atmosphere and the most magical of plots, The Raven Boys always makes me feel warm inside. I love everything from the relationships to the small quirks of every character, and it has one of my favorite opening lines ever. 

the fall tag5I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks lately. They are so clearly autumn books for me, and they always warm my heart. But for this tag I’m choosing to give some credit to Molly Weasley, who makes the most delicious meals and keeps Harry from starving since 1991.

the fall tag6

What could possibly make me happier than a cute romance in a magical world? Carry On certainly had me grinning like crazy while I read about the crazy adventures of another Chosen One, his smart best friend and his rival/crush. The sequel is out now and I can’t wait to read Wayward Son.

I had such a great time doing this tag! I want to thank Tiffany for making such a fun seasonal tag and to invite anyone who wants to do it al well. 

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