wrap ups

August wrap up + favorites


Another month has come to an end, and this time I’m actually grateful for it. Although a lot of good things happened in August, it was not the best time for me (my mental health wasn’t at its best and it took a toll on me).

  • Books read this month

I didn’t read any books this month. It’s a first, even though it’s not a good one. Again, I wasn’t in the best place with my mental health and it affected my reading. I did pick up a couple of books but I couldn’t make myself keep on reading them. Hopefully, September will be a better reading month.

  •  Haul

haulI went on a small trip to Orlando this month, which means I got a lot of stuff. Besides getting 6 new books (do you see why the Reading My Shelves Challenge is so important?) I also got 2 new Funko Pops, a lot of stationery (who even needs that many post it notes and washi tape?) and a bunch of new fandom shirts. And finally, after months of looking everywhere for the perfect ones, I got fairy lights. Yes, my room is now all lit up and I regret nothing.

  • Favorites

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: I went to a lot of new places, but this is still my favorite place in the world. As always, I bought a lot of stuff, took a lot of pictures and went on all the rides. It was magical!

Jasmine Rossol vlogs: I’ve mentioned it before in my favorites, but I’m doing it again. Her vlogs are so soothing and cozy, her editing is on point and everything is just so nice! Bonus: she just got a new kitten and it’s adorable.

To The Bone: I’ve been meaning to watch this movie ever since it came out, but I never had the time. Well, this month I made time for it. I love Lily Collins and her acting was flawless (as always). This movie deals with such an important topic and I’m so glad it exists. Especially since it’s an own voices movie, made by people who struggle with this condition every day. I gotta admit, I was in tears by the end of it. If you haven’t already, go watch it! I’d love to hear your opinion on it.

Look What You Made Me Do: I probably watched that video a million times by now. I love Taylor’s music and am really happy that we’re getting more music soon. And that video was amazing! So well done, and with so many (not so) hidden messages.


That’s it for August. Not the best month ever, but it definitely had some amazing moments! Don’t let the bad days overwhelm you and make you forget the good ones.

Until next time,


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