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Reading my shelves – the challenge


It’s widely known that readers have a book buying problem. We buy books, and then we buy some more books until we have no room left where to put them and a TBR pile that is a breath away from falling down and squashing us to the ground. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from getting even more books.

tbr pile

I’ve been getting a lot of books recently (the last couple of months were insane in the book buying department) and my shelves are working on full capacity. I’ve been double stacking and have books lying in every corner of my room. The situation is clearly out of control, which is why I decided to start this challenge.

The name is pretty self-explanatory: I’m going to read the books that are currently sitting on my shelves, looking at me with sad eyes while they keep on being forgotten in favor of shiny new books. But no more!

Starting now, I’m not allowed to get any new books until I’ve read 10 books that I already own or until Christmas (because duh, it’s Christmas and what else would I get besides books?).

my body is ready 1

I’ll keep you updated on my progress and would love to have you join me in this challenge! Let’s get those imposing TBR piles under control.

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