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The Cover Trials: Six of Crows

Hello everyone! As you probably know, Crooked Kingdom came out this week and the bookish online community is freaking out about it. As it happens, I can’t read it yet because I haven’t read Six of Crows despite the fact that I’ve owned it for almost a year. Yeah, the shame.

I’ve just recently read The Grisha Trilogy and loved it! But the real reason why I bought Six of Crows in the first place was because it is such a gorgeous book. This post is all about admiring the beauty that is this book.


First off, look at this cover. So pretty!


Black stained pages. Could this book be any more perfect?


Yes, and it does! The naked hardcover is just as pretty and has the coolest font ever.


It even has a small. Can you spot it there?


I love the black/red combo. I haven’t even red the book but I feel like it fits perfectly with the story. Is that weird?


Maps. I adore maps. This one is so beautiful! I love the style and all the little drawings.


Even more maps! This book just keeps on getting better.


Following the tradition, these headers are beautiful. I still prefer The Grisha Trilogy ones, but these ones are pretty good as well.


Look. At. This. I love everything about these titles pages.


The back cover looks pretty amazing as well. And it makes me wanna read this book right now. If only there was time…


As you can see, this book is gorgeous and I can’t wiat to finally get into this story. I’ve heard amazing things about it and it’s made me so excited to pick it up. I just need a break from uni, because this beauty is calling my name!

Have you read Six of Crows? What are your thoughts on this book? No spoilers please!

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