Heavenly Book Haul

heavenly haul

Because all books are gifts from the bibliophile Gods above, and sometimes they decide to grace us with lovely and magical packages sent straight to our doorsteps.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that book mail is the best mail.

Nothing makes me happier than getting an amazon package! I don’t get to buy many books at once very often, so when I do I get very excited about it – books are expensive where I live, and international shipping kills me every time 😦

Oh, and remember that book buying ban? It didn’t apply to my birthday (duh) so I got some books that have now arrived!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of these gorgeous babies. I can’t even tell you how excited and happy I am right now 🙂


the raven boys


lady midnight

glass sword

six of crows

Aren’t they absolutely beautiful? I think I’m in love *heart eyes emoji*

Do you like seeing this kind of posts? More pictures, fewer words? Please let me know! I do love taking pictures of books!

Until next time!

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